A mood in life, a choice in style.

About us

A passion for fashion that grew with her among the patterns and fabrics of her grandmother’s tailoring workshop, already active in Palermo after the war.

Giada Pavone, now a bag designer, dedicated the business with her sister co-founder Roberta Pavone, to her grandmother Fernanda, from Bologna, naming her with his surname.

Thus Antoniani Design was born.

The mood created for each single creation is characterized as a unique personality, with a vision that goes beyond any stylistic dogma, with a free spirit that materializes with colors and creative impulses.

What people are saying

Sovente accade nel mondo della moda di lasciarsi trasportare dall’arte o dal design, ma per Giada Pavone, CEO Founder del brand ANTONIANI la musa ispiratrice è un’intera era della moda e in questo specifico particolare della musica  degli anni 70 e 80…

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